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Integrating SAP ERP with an External Planning System

Advanced planning systems are the result of the continuous search for solutions businesses need to build capacity constraint and thus feasible production plans.The SAP ERP component CIF (Core Interface) provides a framework, developed in order to provision all relevant ERP planning data to an external planning system.This paper intends to provide an insight into the standard integration foreseen in SAP ERP to integrate into an advanced planning system and how the planning result can be fed back into the SAP ERP system.

04 December 2013

White Paper - Successful ERP Projects require Leadership

Companies engaging into ERP projects from a clear insight on the business drivers behind the ERP project requirements and that succeed in embedding these business drivers into the entire project and its management are more likely to end up with a successful ERP project.ERP project management that truly understands and aligns to the company ERP project drivers, develop and demonstrate leadership to guide the organization through the different phases of a typical ERP project.

19 March 2013

White Paper - Why Field Service Management is a "Métier" ?

About Field Service Professionals in a changing Service World. Field Service Management is an area within businesses which has its specific challenges on the level of strategy and operations management.
Read more in our white paper on Professionals in Field Service Management tackling these challenges.

28 January 2013

Prigogine & Partners is a SAP management consulting firm.

Our mission is to ensure our clients of comprehensive and data-driven insights to challenges and questions they are being confronted with in all managerial aspects of using and managing SAP Solutions and SAP Competence Centers.

The answers and insights we provide, support our client's management in their SAP-related decision making. In order to facilitate this decision making we provide our clients with recommendations aimed at improving the use within their operations of SAP Solutions, the overall IT management processes and the overall IT governance. All this leading to an improvement in their business, mainly in terms of increased revenue, reduced costs, clear strategic direction and designing required competency sourcing. The business departments which we advize:

  • Information technology (ICT)
  • Sales & marketing department
  • Service department for field technicians & service delivery based companies
  • Maintenance department concerned with asset management & maintenance
  • Logistics & planning departments involved in overall supply chain management

Prigogine & Partners stands out from the crowd as we are focussed on bringing high quality advice by collaborating partners and consultants that have a deep business understanding and a profound background in SAP and other business applications (ERP, APS, CRM, ALM,...) resulting in analytical horsepower and an unleashed ability to generate fresh perspectives based on best practices and new technology potential. 

Prigogine & Partners is an advisor on how technology can bring value to our client's organizations.

We help companies in unlocking their full business potential by advising and guiding them on technology decisions. We build on a wealth of experience in mobilizing a company's resources by strategic and value adding technology deployment aimed at enabling business to grow, mature, excel. 

The key to our client services is our deep business understanding, technology expertise and impact awareness of technology evolutions on existing business practices.