About Us

Our goal is to improve the business operations of our customers. The main industries we operate in are: Manufacturing, Machine Producers (Engineer-to-Order companies) and Service Providers.

We successfully deliver efficient business supporting applications by providing Programme Management, ERP Implementation Project Management, Business Process Improvement and SAP Products insights and services.

We are focussed on large and medium-sized companies in the geographical area north of Antwerp ('De Kempen').

Wouter Van Beneden

founder Prigogine & Partners in 2012
Managing Partner Prigogine & Partners

In 2012 Wouter co-founded Prigogine & Partners. He brings his broad (international) experience and his business insights aboard. Wouter focuses on supply chain, service excellence and asset reliability matters at small, medium and large companies. He is keen on organizing existing business with best practice processes, on new technologies and the way they impact business. He has run multiple projects and programmes to improve operations and enablement of the full potential of organizations.

In short: 18 years of experience in business process improvement and 15 years of entrepreneurship (status: June 2017).

Graduated in 1998 as Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and started his career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

While gaining his first professional experience on large projects at diverse multinationals, he continued his academic career. In 2002 he graduated as a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration at the Lessius Hogeschool.

Co-founder in 2003 of the consultancy organizations AlphaLogic and Alpha Square. These organizations were taken over by CTAC NV in 2006, a Dutch stock listed company.

As of 2012 assisting clients with project management and advisory services at Prigogine & Partners

As a family man, Wouter has 3 children together with his wife Sofie. They live in the quiet Kempen near Antwerp, Belgium. His interests are Business Models in general, Operational Excellence, Business Applications, Photography and technology.

We focus on companies based in the 'Kempen', the region north-east of Belgium and the south of the Netherlands. We are specialised in initial implementation of and in ERP improvements and Organisational Change Management projects in this region.



Prigogine & Partners provides businesses with management advice and assistance on strategic challenges related to SAP Business Software. The driver in the consulting we provide is to reveal (analysis) and realize (implement and improve) value of actions defined with and within businesses. Prigogine & Partners also provides interim management services, herewith enabling companies to outsource part of their IT Operations and IT Projects. Our goal is to enable our customers to reach their full potential!

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.
- Bill Gates

Programme and Project Management

Management of complex company-wide programmes and projects. Onboarding project management, organisational change management and implementation partner management capabilities.

ERP Advisory

Advice on how ERP software can increase business process efficiency.
Supporting SAP competence centers with knowledge (training) and approaches for smooth running business applications.

Business Process Optimalisation

Identification of possible improvements in business processes, analysis and alignment on to-be processes and realisation of these improvements.

Interim Management

Temporary sourcing management capabilities? We deliver IT management, Service Management and General Management

Experienced and Knowledgeable

18 years of consulting, project management, pre-sales, sales and management.


In understanding of the business process and in location.


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Wouter Van Beneden - Managing Partner

  • De Roerdomp 21, 2980 Zoersel, Belgium
  • +32 474 62 07 83
  • info@prigogine.be